Get Fiancée Visas with the Help of Experts

fiancee visa

The K- 1 Visa form is perhaps the most coveted one for US citizens who want to marry their fiancé (e) s who do not have US citizenships. The fiancée visas allow the would-be-partners to visit US before marriage and spend some quality time with the prospective grooms and their families.

Get your fiancée visa fast

To get the Fiance Visa or the K-1 visa, you need to apply to the USCIS along with proper documents. There is a specific form for this purpose, namely I – 129F. This visa allows the petitioners to stay in the US for a period of 90 days within which they should get legally married to their partners.

The K-1 Visa brings along with it a lot of immigration benefits and hence is high in demand. Keeping this in mind, the processing may take a lot of time and make you feel impatient.

You can take help of experts who can undertake all the processing work on your behalf. By paying a nominal fee, you can rest assured that all the necessary formalities will be completed within time and you can have a great time in the US.

There are plenty of agencies that handle spousal visa and fiancée visa with responsibility. You need to contact them and hand over the entire responsibility.