K-1 Visa,K1 Visa

K-1 visa is a dual intent visa issued to fiancée or fiancé of united state citizen so as to enter in United States. It require foreigner to marry her or his United State citizen with in ninety days of entry. There are many K1 visa service providers that provide fiancée visa.

Fiancée visa is a fastest and easier way to go. This visa may take 4-6 months to get them here, as time varies from one person to another. Although K-1 visa is not classified as immigrant visa, it generally leads to an important immigration benefits and therefore usually processed by immigrant visa section.

There are many K-1 visa providers in the market which may tell you that visa will take 3 months, are the not honest to you. K-1 visa require that both fiancées must be lawfully eligible for marriage. Both fiancées must have met each other at least once in a 2 year before filing visa petition.

This visa allows couple to live together in United States. Fiancées must be free to marry, this means both of them should be unmarried or any previous marriage should have ended through divorce.  This visa let fiancées to experience what day to day life will be really like before marriage.


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