Tourist Visa and Fiancée Visas to the US

A lot of people from different nationalities face an overwhelming confusion about whether or not they can get married to the us citizen on a tourist visa. There are so many kinds of answers and specific cases that one is bound to get confused. A lot of them have faced the refusals to the Spousal Visa. If you have got your sweetheart working in the states, it’s better to understand this issue a little bit.

In general, there is no rule in the US immigration law that proscribes any person to get married in the country during Visa. One condition the law is concerned is — that one has to get back to one’s country before the visa expires.  It is no simple job to convince an immigration officer that you don’t have any preconceived intention of going there and getting married for sure. It might be the case that one fell in love with an American citizen during one’s Fiancee Visa. Then one can apply for the adjustment of status once one decides to get married to one’s partner.

Meanwhile, it is very difficult to convince the authorities on these things. One has to prove that one went there solely for the recreational purposes or to visit one’s family members and then love happened as a consequence of it. In these particular cases, one can apply for the visa to stay further in the country with one’s spouse on Fiancée Visas.