Spouse Visa: How to obtain Visa for your Fiancé in UK

Spouses of up nationals or residents can come to the UK on a visa category for spouses, if the applicant is unable to work in the country. To obtain a Fiancee Visa you must meet the following requirements:If you lived with your spouse or spouse of less than four years, you will be granted a visa for spouses on probation for two years. If after two years, you’ll still live together and be married, the immigrant receives permanent residence permit.If you were married for more than 4 years outside the UK, you will be assigned a permanent residence permit without a probationary period of two years.Citizen or permanent resident of the UK needs to know his/her spouse’s wife in the face.

This requirement is due to the fact that some couples getting married only to one of the newlyweds could get a visa or permanent residency in the UK. You must commit to all time live together with their K-1 Visa to get a visa the spouse.You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and your husband/wife without the help of public funds. Social capital covers various expenses from the Government, if you currently are looking for work, have low incomes or are in a disadvantaged position.Terms of stay must be suitable for your living Spouse/HA, wishing to arrive in the UK on the basis of marriage to a citizen/resident in the UK must ask permission to enter upon his arrival in Britain.


Automatic Entry or not after Wedding in a Country

People generally ask a lot about the mixed marriages which make people  move across the borders. Imagine a lady from Japan who fell in love with a  USA man.  In the age of multiculturalism , you don’t have be surprised  by this news. It is a routine now. You were married to a citizen of America and would like to move to live in the United States. Unfortunately, the status of United States citizen spouse does not give an automatic right of entry. You still need a Fiancee Visa. The immigration laws of the United States provides 2 types of visas for spouses of American citizens:

1.immigration visa spouse IR1 or CR1.

2.a non-immigrant visa k-3

What is a Spousal Visa?

IR1 visa is an immigration visa, which can be issued to United States citizen spouse if the marriage has lasted for more than 2 years. The advantage of this visa is that you arrived in the United States as a permanent resident of the United States. This means that you will be provided Spousal Visa with a wide range of rights, including the right freely to leave and return to the United States, the right to work without special authorization and much more. The main disadvantage of this type of visa is extended, compared to visa k-3, the term of consideration of petitions (from 6 to 12 months) during which you, as a rule, may not get another visa and entry into the United States.

Fiancee Visas and Requirements to Get It

We live in a flat world. There are no boundaries left anymore. With the revolution in the means of communication, the couples are looking beyond the boundaries to choose a right person for themselves.There are hundreds of sites which are helping them but  Fiancee Visas do this.All we have to do is to list ourselves with the well known dating sites to kick start a relationship. Once you have provided the necessary details to the website, the software begins to sort through the matches. As soon as it hits the right match, you are sent a match. You go through it.

The numbers can be exchanged over the site.You can get connected via Face book later on. Either of you then can fly over to each other’s country to date each other.Once it is all done. You get the right person with.Now, the real challenge is presented to you. To settle down with your Mr. Right, you need to get a Marriage Visa, the person who wants to get married to you should have met you in person at least once within last 2 years. And the person should be getting married to the citizen of the United States within next 90 days of one’s arrival in the country.

K-1 visa: is filing on your own is a wise thing?

visaIt was a delightful morning i met a couple sitting in a quiet corner.  The whole park was buzzing with the swishing sound made by the leaves. I was looking for a testimony from a couple who already had subscribed to toe Spouse Visa services from a law firm. At the first sight the man seemed to me a working professional from the neighborhood. He wore a simple looking, green, cotton t-shirt.  A lot of people were disappointed with the lengthy paperwork that one has to undergo before getting visa for one’s fiancé.

Meanwhile, efforts to get your visa by yourself can be a frustrating experience. You write to the authorities and end up getting no response for Fiancee Visa. The paperwork can take many years. A long period of the process can turn your relationship into a distance relationship. It is always good to some attorney by your side throughout the whole long immigration process. It is never a wise thing to file on your own. A lot of people think that location of a fiancé visa attorney matter. I think the truth is the opposite of it. In today’s information age, it is a lame doubt. One sitting a different country can benefit oneself from the service with the same effectiveness.

Tourist Visa and Fiancée Visas to the US

A lot of people from different nationalities face an overwhelming confusion about whether or not they can get married to the us citizen on a tourist visa. There are so many kinds of answers and specific cases that one is bound to get confused. A lot of them have faced the refusals to the Spousal Visa. If you have got your sweetheart working in the states, it’s better to understand this issue a little bit.

In general, there is no rule in the US immigration law that proscribes any person to get married in the country during Visa. One condition the law is concerned is — that one has to get back to one’s country before the visa expires.  It is no simple job to convince an immigration officer that you don’t have any preconceived intention of going there and getting married for sure. It might be the case that one fell in love with an American citizen during one’s Fiancee Visa. Then one can apply for the adjustment of status once one decides to get married to one’s partner.

Meanwhile, it is very difficult to convince the authorities on these things. One has to prove that one went there solely for the recreational purposes or to visit one’s family members and then love happened as a consequence of it. In these particular cases, one can apply for the visa to stay further in the country with one’s spouse on Fiancée Visas.