Spouse Visa: How to obtain Visa for your Fiancé in UK

Spouses of up nationals or residents can come to the UK on a visa category for spouses, if the applicant is unable to work in the country. To obtain a Fiancee Visa you must meet the following requirements:If you lived with your spouse or spouse of less than four years, you will be granted a visa for spouses on probation for two years. If after two years, you’ll still live together and be married, the immigrant receives permanent residence permit.If you were married for more than 4 years outside the UK, you will be assigned a permanent residence permit without a probationary period of two years.Citizen or permanent resident of the UK needs to know his/her spouse’s wife in the face.

This requirement is due to the fact that some couples getting married only to one of the newlyweds could get a visa or permanent residency in the UK. You must commit to all time live together with their K-1 Visa to get a visa the spouse.You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and your husband/wife without the help of public funds. Social capital covers various expenses from the Government, if you currently are looking for work, have low incomes or are in a disadvantaged position.Terms of stay must be suitable for your living Spouse/HA, wishing to arrive in the UK on the basis of marriage to a citizen/resident in the UK must ask permission to enter upon his arrival in Britain.


Automatic Entry or not after Wedding in a Country

People generally ask a lot about the mixed marriages which make people  move across the borders. Imagine a lady from Japan who fell in love with a  USA man.  In the age of multiculturalism , you don’t have be surprised  by this news. It is a routine now. You were married to a citizen of America and would like to move to live in the United States. Unfortunately, the status of United States citizen spouse does not give an automatic right of entry. You still need a Fiancee Visa. The immigration laws of the United States provides 2 types of visas for spouses of American citizens:

1.immigration visa spouse IR1 or CR1.

2.a non-immigrant visa k-3

What is a Spousal Visa?

IR1 visa is an immigration visa, which can be issued to United States citizen spouse if the marriage has lasted for more than 2 years. The advantage of this visa is that you arrived in the United States as a permanent resident of the United States. This means that you will be provided Spousal Visa with a wide range of rights, including the right freely to leave and return to the United States, the right to work without special authorization and much more. The main disadvantage of this type of visa is extended, compared to visa k-3, the term of consideration of petitions (from 6 to 12 months) during which you, as a rule, may not get another visa and entry into the United States.

Fiancee Visas and Requirements to Get It

We live in a flat world. There are no boundaries left anymore. With the revolution in the means of communication, the couples are looking beyond the boundaries to choose a right person for themselves.There are hundreds of sites which are helping them but  Fiancee Visas do this.All we have to do is to list ourselves with the well known dating sites to kick start a relationship. Once you have provided the necessary details to the website, the software begins to sort through the matches. As soon as it hits the right match, you are sent a match. You go through it.

The numbers can be exchanged over the site.You can get connected via Face book later on. Either of you then can fly over to each other’s country to date each other.Once it is all done. You get the right person with.Now, the real challenge is presented to you. To settle down with your Mr. Right, you need to get a Marriage Visa, the person who wants to get married to you should have met you in person at least once within last 2 years. And the person should be getting married to the citizen of the United States within next 90 days of one’s arrival in the country.

Get Marriage Visa for your Spouse

visaThe US law provides ample options for its citizens to bring in foreign spouses to stay with them. The law has definite provisions for bringing in spouses through marriage visa. Being a citizen of US, you have two options to get a spouse visa for your married partner. These laws are quite simple and require you to file in petitions. Let me explain the two provisions of the US Law that will allow your spouse to stay with you in the US.

Immigration visa:

You can apply for an immigration visa for your spouse by duly filling in Form I-130. This is an immigration petition for an alien relative and it is very easy to get spouse visa under the provision of law.

Nonimmigrant visa:

There is another option to apply for a nonimmigrant visa for your spouse too. This visa is known as K3 Visa. The application for this visa and the subsequent processing must be completed in the country where the marriage took place.

After you complete the visa process, you can take your spouse with you to US. Afterwards you can apply for immigrant visa by filing the Form I-130 and Form I-129F.As I have mentioned before, the Form I-130 is the petition for alien relative and the Form I-129F is for alien Fiancée.

Things You should Know about K-1 Visa

The US citizens have lot of queries regarding their foreign fiancé (e) s. The citizens can get married outside the country and bring in their legal spouses with them with appropriate immigration visa. However, the US law has provisions to allow fiancé (e)s to travel to the US and get married and stay there indefinitely. This visa is known as fiancé (e) visa or the K-1 visa.


The criterion of the K-1 visa is clearly mentioned in the US law. At least one party has to be a US citizen and both the parties should be legally free to marry. The law also clearly states that the marriage must take place within 90 days of the fiancé (e) entering the country with the K1 visa.

How to apply

The fiancé (e) has to file the petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. The Form I-129F has to be duly filled in and submitted.After the marriage takes place, the petitioner has to file for Adjustment of Status. This is necessary to make him or her eligible to become a legal and permanent resident of US.

The US law mentions separate provisions for children of fiancé (e) provided they are less than 21 years of age and unmarried.The Fiancee Visa provides important immigration benefits and hence is very popular with US citizens and their foreign fiancee.

K-1 Visa,K1 Visa

K-1 visa is a dual intent visa issued to fiancée or fiancé of united state citizen so as to enter in United States. It require foreigner to marry her or his United State citizen with in ninety days of entry. There are many K1 visa service providers that provide fiancée visa.

Fiancée visa is a fastest and easier way to go. This visa may take 4-6 months to get them here, as time varies from one person to another. Although K-1 visa is not classified as immigrant visa, it generally leads to an important immigration benefits and therefore usually processed by immigrant visa section.

There are many K-1 visa providers in the market which may tell you that visa will take 3 months, are the not honest to you. K-1 visa require that both fiancées must be lawfully eligible for marriage. Both fiancées must have met each other at least once in a 2 year before filing visa petition.

This visa allows couple to live together in United States. Fiancées must be free to marry, this means both of them should be unmarried or any previous marriage should have ended through divorce.  This visa let fiancées to experience what day to day life will be really like before marriage.